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全自动充填封口机( Auto Filling and Sealing Machine) (CFD-10)

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 包装速度 12000-15000 杯/小时
 封膜宽度 320 mm  
 充填容量 15-40 ml
 使用电源 三相四线 (380v50HZ)
 电机功率 0.75 kw
 加热功率 4 kw
 使用气压 0.5 Mpa-0.7 Mpa
 最大耗气量 0.45 m3/min
 外形尺寸 3400*800.*.1700(LXWXH)
 调速方式 无级调速
 整机重量 Apro*1200kg

Character of Product:
  It is applicable to fill and seal plastic cups, bowls, boxes used to be filled with liquid or cream materials, such as jelly,ice-cream, jam, yogurt, beverage, mineral water and so on. It is the full automatic processing from cup falling, filling to sealing with photoelectric device. It assures that the film can be sealed accurately the mouth of the container. There are many models in the series to meet with the containers of the different shapes and contents. We can add the function of filling solid particles such as fruit flesh according to clients' demand. The date-printing device can also be added.
  The machine can be used the imported components and PLC system according to clients' demand.

Technical Data:

 Packaging Speed 12000-15000 pieces/h
 Film Width 320 mm  
 Filling Content 15-40 ml
 Power 3-phase 4-line socket (380V50HZ)
 Electric Machinery Power 0.75 kw
 Heat Up Power 4 kw
 Air Pressure 0.5 Mpa-0.7 Mpa
 Maximum Air Consumption 0.45 m3/min
 Outline Dimension 3400*800.*.1700(LXWXH)
 Timing Mode stepless speed regulating 
 Gross Weight Approx 1200kg

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